Addtion & Alteration (A&A)

Addition & Alteration are works that involve upgrading of existing buildings or facilities with minor structural amendments. It often requires in-depth planning before and during construction phase to incorporate new concepts and designs to existing structures and surroundings.

More often than others, A&A works are carry out on “live” premises (which means that the involved buildings or facilities are still in operation with occupants). Therefore, additional safety precautions that involve the understanding of both environment and stakeholders are pre-requisites in executing a successful A&A project.

Studying of existing as-built drawing can provide detailed information of the building and structures. However, it also takes an experienced contractor to garner specific important information by conducting pre-construction site survey.

Espirit has more than 15 years of experience in carrying out and successfully completing A&A works in both public and private sectors. In line with the company’s vision, the company actively seeks out any potential issues and problems for all projects rather than avoiding them, while resolving it simultaneously. The company is also well equipped to minimize any disturbance to occupants of premises undergoing A&A works.

Design & Build (Turnkey)

Design and Build (D&B) contracts saves the client or owner the hassle of having to liaise with multiple parties in a construction project. The main contractor will helm the project from the very beginning to completion and handing over to the client.

Such projects require the main contractor to be well versed in all aspects of a building construction consisting of Architectural, Structural, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection), IT and Security. The main contractor not only acts as a main point of contact between various parties, they are also required to be involved and are able to integrate the different design concepts – including to provide in-depth feasibility studies such as clash analysis.

Espirit have been awarded multiple D&B contracts based on our innovative yet practical designs. We often conduct comprehensive studies during the design phase to gather important information in order to satisfy the client’s requirements and budget.

Interior Renovations

Like A&A, renovations are upgrading or face-lifting to the interior of a building premise without any amendments to the building structures. Interior renovation projects are often on a strict timeline and require excellent coordination works between all stakeholders and round the clock commitment with the aim of completing the project.

However, Espirit believes that haste does not compromise quality. Most of the delay for a project are cause by inadequate planning and miscommunication. With an experienced in-house team & working with only well-respected suppliers & partners, we are able to shorten turnaround time and eliminate any possible delays.

Repair and Redecoration (R&R)

Repair & Redecoration involves repainting, repair and improvement works to commercial, industrial and residential buildings.


Reinstatement services allow premises to be return to its original condition prior to any renovation or damages from external factors such as fire damages.

According to statistical survey, there are more than 9000 kilometers of roads in Singapore as per 2018. Equipped with our in-house machineries, the company is well position to provide all sorts of repair and construction to roads or pavement at reasonable and competitive costing.

Espirit has a long history of pavement and road construction in the private sector. Recently the company have been awarded with design and reconstruction of pavement within Sentosa Cove and pavement reconstruction in Temasek polytechnic

By BCA’s definition, facilities management involves two (2) or more distinct maintenance services in one contract. Espirit seeks to understand the needs and comprehend from the viewpoint of our prestige clients to provide quality, cost effective and value-added facilities management services.

Since inception, Espirit has been working closely with various facilities management companies providing building repair and maintenance services. However, instead of working through a “middle man”, we are also able to provide our services directly and help reduce the overall cost incurred by the clients.

Over the years, the company has developed a set of procedures and combined with a group of experienced professionals to provide comprehensive facilities management services, including preventive maintenance. We understand that unnecessary replacement and reconstruction can be costly. Therefore, we will assume the role of regular maintenance to extend the lifespan of any facilities and reducing the need for costly replacement. In addition, our team of professionals will always explore reliable and economical solutions.

Being a company that is comprehensively equipped with various expertise, Espirit is able to fulfil the construction, facilities management and maintenance needs of all our clients.